Puritan Medical - Guilford, Maine

Puritan Medical Products was established in 1919 and manufactures the ever so important swab test kit for COVID-19. We are honored to have provided healthcare millwork to their facility in order to help them manufacture the test kits.

Healthcare millwork is always a specialty service in that every medical field, office or manufacturing plant is different. Hence, most Healthcare millwork is custom and unique. Every office is different and requires different build outs. Many items stood out to importance in this projects, such as the large open cubbies for employees to easily grab belongings.

In conclusion, Windham Millwork is honored to work with Puritan Medical Products and we wish them the best in the future for fighting COVID-19.

Reception Desk

Windham Millwork provided a custom reception desk in the lobby of Puritan Medical. This desk consists of wood and solid surface to give a clean, unique look. The wall paneling behind the desk was also manufactured and installed by Windham.

Break Room Cabinets

Windham Millwork was able to manufacturer and install the break room cabinets which included wall cabinets, base cabinets, cubbies and a workstation for when it was time to take a break.

Wall Paneling

Focal wall paneling was done in the employee break room which included barn boards of multiple colors.

Barn Board Wall Paneling

Another angle of the wall paneling done in the employee break rooom.

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