Custom Care When Delivering Custom Millwork

Custom architectural millwork needs custom care for delivery to the job site. Windham Millwork’s in-house shipping and delivery team uses exacting methods for preparing a project for shipment and delivery.

Transporting construction materials has exacting standards. Custom millwork must be protected against bumpy roads, shaking, and weather conditions. Transportation documents must be prepared properly. The mode of transportation plays a critical role as well. We ship throughout the United States, and we partner with vetted service providers to ensure safe and timely delivery.

Preparing An Architectural Millwork Project For Delivery

Preparing an architectural millwork project for shipment and delivery takes many precise steps to ensure the safety and protection of the work. These steps include: packaging and bundling; using vetted shippers; appropriate stacking and organizing of materials; best delivery placement; and documenting the delivery.

Windham Millwork has decades of experience delivering large custom millwork materials to their job site. We partner with carriers, movers, and field personnel to ensure that the delivery is logistically placed on site for the most efficient unpacking and sorting. And we ensure our carriers use track and trace technology so the client’s freight is managed and delivered on time. Windham Millwork understands that architectural millwork is time-critical and must be expedited.

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