Architectural Millwork Finishing

The purpose of any finish is to protect the material that it is applied to. Finish materials are designed to seal, stabilize, and protect wood from weather, sunlight, and moisture absorption. Stains and clear finishes enhance the beauty of the woods used. They highlight the craftsmanship of the custom millwork, augmenting the chosen wood grains and rich tones.

The right finish brings out the best of the hand selected materials. In addition to creating beautiful results, the most important purpose of a high quality finish is to protect the piece.

Exceptional, Thorough Preparation For Finishing

The key to successfully applying the right finish is always thorough preparation of the wood surface. Exceptional preparation ensures the finish will have consistency in color and shading. This is particularly important when using unique, exotic species of wood. The finisher must have experience and knowledge of how a finish will interact with the wood grain.

Windham Millwork maintains our own in-house finishing department. We have the skills and expertise to create any specialized or custom finish. We utilize state of the art processes and high-quality finishing materials. All of Windham Millwork finishes are done by hand to ensure the highest level of consistency in the application of our finishes, which significantly reduces waste.

We offer water-based finishes, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) finishes, varnishes, urethanes, lacquers, polyesters, and we have capabilities for cerused finishes, glazing, rub-throughs, high-gloss finishes, hand buffing, and wire brushing.

We Meet or Exceed Complex Sanding Requirements of All Wood Types
Superior Knowledge of Mixing Colors • Quality Checks at Each Point in the Finishing Process
Highest Levels of Tinting, Matching, and Graining to Ensure Consistency

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