Flexible Capacity Architectural Millwork Manufacturing

The ability to operate a flexible capacity manufacturing floor is a benchmark of Windham Millwork. We can efficiently scale up to enterprise level projects even while maintaining the highest level of cost effectiveness in manufacturing.

As an experienced commercial architectural millwork operation capable of designing, building, and installing a large volume of high quality products, we are unique in this industry. Our plant layout, equipment capacity, project management, manufacturing/engineering software, scope-of-projects checks and balances deliver service that exceeds expectations.

Manufacturing Millwork Versus Casework

Architectural millwork is custom made versus casework, which is mass-produced. This includes items such as doors, wall paneling, molding, crown molding, stairs, cabinetry, and trim. Custom architectural millwork is the integration of millwork performed for both beauty and function.

A key difference between millwork and mass-produced is the manufacturing process. Architectural millwork is custom designed and built per the client’s requirements. Each piece is special and unique. Embellishments, doors, wall panels, and other items are all custom pieces manufactured in a mill.

The high level of precision in architectural millwork results in products of a higher quality than casework. Some of the services in manufacturing these works of art include graded, exotic woods, finishing with decorative coatings, and polishers.

This is precisely why we at Windham Millwork are proud of our flexible capacity. The amount of precise detailing and handiwork can cause backlogs for the average commercial mill. This is not so for Windham Millwork. Each project receives the same high levels of quality control and efficiency regardless of the project size or our caseload. Our finished products are consistently exceptional.

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