Highly Functional, Budget Wise Millwork for Public Agencies

Windham Millwork designs, manufactures, and installs custom millwork that exceeds the expectations of local, state, and federal government organizations. We offer custom architectural and precision engineered casework with worktops, storage cabinets, and panel systems to ensure an enduring product that withstands even the most challenging work environments.

Windham Millwork provides custom architectural millwork for these government facilities and more including: general use offices, special use military installations, embassies, courthouses, national laboratories, city halls, county buildings, fire stations, police stations, post offices, and prisons.

Windham Millwork has supplied custom architectural millwork to the Government Facilities Industry sector for over 60 years. These facilities serve public uses and are owned or leased by local, state, federal, and tribal government agencies. Many of these facilities are open to the public for commercial transactions, business activities, or recreational activities. Others do not offer public access because they contain sensitive materials, information, equipment, and processes. They may house critical systems, equipment, networks, and functions.

Windham Millwork takes all of the functionality specifications into account when draft designs to meet those needs. We have worked on Naval Bases, Senate Buildings, Courthouses, and many law enforcement and military facilities. Government projects represent a unique challenge. They must be highly functional and come within a typically limited budget. Windham Millwork excels at these projects. In addition, we are highly skilled partners who bring added value to our government facility projects.