WEX, Inc. New Corporate Headquarters

Construction of a new headquarters for WEX Inc in Portland Maine has completed. The 105,000 sq ft four story building features a new corporate headquarters that will help WEX's growing work force. WEX Inc. is a provider of payment processing and information management services to the United States commercial and government vehicle fleet industry.1 As a global leader in corporate payment solutions. WEX simplifies the complexities of payments systems across continents and industries -including Fleet, Corporate Payments and Health.

The scope of the project was to give the WEX employees an open office concept. Large amount of glass window paneling allows for natural light to enter the facility from across the Casco Bay. The goal was to have 90 percent of the office areas would be open floor space while 10 percent of the areas with discrete offices. Therefore, certain features were added to the facility to sooth tension and ease anxiety such as a 10-foot-long fish tank in the main employee break room.

Windham Millwork's craftsmanship is visible throughout the building on each of its four floors. For instance, the first floor features a large reception desk made from rough sawn fir with a rustic white oak wood paneled wall background. In addition, each floor has an elevator hallway lined with rustic white oak paneling. Also, each floor has built in couches with the WEX signature red cushions. In addition, each floor has an employee kitchen/breakroom where cabinets, drawers, countertops and full millwork packages are present. Above all, one of the most prominent fixtures in the WEX building that Windham Millwork had the pleasure of making was the fixture to hold the 10 foot long fish tank in one of the employee break rooms.


This corporate kitchen was designed as an open-floor concept. Allowing employees to easily grab a bite to eat right down the hall from work. Custom cabinets, countertops and paneling were utilize to achieve the design.

Conference Room

Matching the Wex company red logo, this is one of many small conference rooms found on the exterior hallways of the new headquarters. State of the art conference room equipment and a white marker board for notes.

Reception Desk

Reception desks are custom designed and made by Windham Millwork Inc. Custom wood plank wall paneling was also utilized here to match the reception desk front.

50 Gallon Fish Tank

Windham Millwork helped provide the enclosure for the 50 foot fish tank that was utilized as a focal point for employees.

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