Bull Moose

Bull Moose is a Maine based retail store that focuses on selling a variety of products such as books, records, movies, posters and much more. Bull Moose currently operates multiple locations across the state of Maine. Bull Moose has relied on Windham Millwork over the years for it's store fixtures. Creating many different varieties of store fixtures was important for Bull Moose.

Windham Millworks team met with Bull Moose to discuss the floor plan and what the foot traffic would look like. Once a store plan is set, then we start to create the process of accommodating store fixtures for each area. Having a universal look for each location was an important aspect of the construction process that we were easily able to maintain. Keeping templates of store fixtures from past Bull Moose projects on file made it easy to pull up the same store fixtures and replicate something extremely close to the original.

In conclusion, we have made a variety of different store fixtures for Bull Moose over the years and take pride in being able to replicate the same universal look for this retail client.

Double Sided Store Fixtures

Custom made retail fixtures with slatted end panels on the ends to easily add different shelving space. Contact us today to view our different store fixtures available.

One Sided Store Store Fixtures

Bull Moose utilized several different styles of fixtures. CDs, DVDs, Books, Posters, Movies and More were utilized in the layout of their stores. These retail store fixtures are about four feet tall and can hold a number of retail items.

Retail Rollout

Windham Millwork has produced over 200 fixtures per store throughout their New England locations. Bull Moose Music has a vast variety of products for customers to choose from.

Exterior Wall Fixtures

Bull Moose utilized the exterior wall of their stores for open shelving. These tall open units allowed more products to be showcased and organized by genre along the wall of the store.

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