School millwork

School millwork is complete for Lebanon Middle School in New Hampshire. Lebanon Middle School is a 105,000 sq ft school with the capacity of 600 students and roughly 30 classrooms.

Windham Millwork, Inc was responsible for all the educational casework and countertops in the classrooms and science rooms. Corian window sills were manufactured and installed by WMI as well. Additionally, the library features bookshelves and casework along with a custom reception desk with curved slat ceiling above. The gymnasium features a large stage front paneling system that WMI was responsible for. Furthermore, this project was 90% casework and one that WMI was able to provides its high quality cabinet systems too.

Windham Millwork, Inc is very proud to be a part of another project in Lebanon Middle School. WMI truly excels in large educational casework jobs that require high quality well built cabinets. In conclusion, the Lebanon Middle School was another example of just that.

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