Windham Millwork, Inc was called upon to restore the historical Woodstock Inn & Resort in Vermont after severe flooding from Hurricane Irene. WMI is known for fast track turnaround projects and Woodstock Inn was one of those cases. The Inn needed to be able to get back up and running as soon as possible. The hurricane was a challenge WMI was willing to take on. WMI was responsible for the restoration of the bottom floor which included conference rooms, columns, paneling, trim and around 30 custom doors. WMI provided high quality custom millwork throughout the bottom floor to help represent the prestige and history of the Woodstock Inn.

The devastation of the flooding caused significant challenges for WMI’s crew.  Above all, field dimensions were done with no electricity in the building.  WMI had to replicate work that was given to them from shop drawings dating back 20 plus years. Additionally, it had to match what was in place there before the flood occurred.  WMI’s fast track capabilities were put to the test as well. With WMI completing field dimensions in October and had everything furnished and installed by the first of January.  It was crucial to get this hotel back up and running as soon as possible. WMI was determined to make sure it was by working Saturdays and overtime to complete the project.

Windham Millwork, Inc is proud to be the one called upon to help restore such a historical site in Vermont. Additionally, our quality never falters even when a tight schedule presents itself. In conclusion, the Woodstock Inn & Resort was just another example of our reliability as a woodworking company.