The Windham Community

Windham, Maine is a small town in the southern portion of the state located in Cumberland County. The town is comprised of over 17,000 residents. Windham is located beside the deepest and second largest lake in the State of Maine. Windham and neighboring Raymond are part of a consolidated school district called RSU 14. Windham based schools in the RSU include Windham Primary School (K-3), Manchester School (4-5), Windham Middle School (6-8), and Windham High School (9-12). The Windham community provides a small town feel with passion for our youth and the activities they participate in.

Supporting our Youth Programs

Windham Millwork has always helped support the growth and development of local K-12 program. Over the past 60 years our involvement has included local youth sports, pageant hopefuls, theatre, high school athletics and clubs. Supporting our local community is one of the most important responsibilities we share in Windham as a business. WMI takes pride in being able to help when we can. Whether it is a little league team, a K-2 soccer program, a fundraiser for a charity or events for our graduating seniors to enjoy, Windham Millwork is there. Windham Millwork has always been a reliable supporter in Windham and will continue to do its part for its young community members.