Working With Boy Scouts Troop 805 of Windham Maine

Windham Millwork supports this 100+ year old organization dedicated to scouting, family, fun, adventure, character growth, and leadership development. Now a co-ed organization, both boys and girls learn to grow into their best selves through hands-on learning and increasing achievements designed to prepare them for life.

The BSA is one of America’s largest values-based organizations dedicated to youth development. They provide a year-round program from fifth grade through high school that offers opportunities in adventure, challenges, learning, and responsibility.

Troop 805 Earns Woodworking Merit Badge

Selecting The Correct Materials

Each project begins with matching the right materials with the design and function. We teach the girls and boys about the strengths and character of various woods. We demonstrate how wood grains impact the final product and how to highlight the uniqueness of each piece of wood. In addition, we review other materials that can be used in custom millwork such as metals and plastic.

Lessons In Quality Control

Windham Millwork believes that quality control begins with our very first consultation with a client. It spans the entire project from initial design to manufacture and installation. The prime elements of a quality control system are: leadership, customer focus, engagement of people, process approach, and evidence-based decision making. We believe these elements enhance the experience girls and boys have with BSA.

Learning On The Job

We believe that continuous improvement is a necessary approach for expanding our business and horizons. We adopt innovative technology and listen carefully to new ideas as we continually refine our methods. We proactively seek ways to create greater efficiency while enhancing quality and functionality of our projects. We are delighted when scouts see areas of opportunity for learning on the job.

Framework Complete

There’s a great feeling of satisfaction when the framework comes together and a scout begins to see their project to completion. This teaches perseverance and attention to detail, and the excitement grows as the project takes shape. The lessons on quality control, selection of materials, and learning as a continuous process payoff for the scouts. They see the tangible results of their extraordinary efforts.

Getting Their Supplies So They Can get To Work

After the talks, tours and planning the scouts get to gather their supplies and head to their workstations. We focus on safety at all times while having a fun experience. They learn about workflow, assembly and installation with our hands-on approach to enriching the BSA experience.

Learning How To Navigate Their New Surroundings

Knowing how to navigate a complex manufacturing floor is a key skill that also leads to better collaboration between co-workers and departments. The scouts meet our team members and learn about which phase of a project they work on. It results in the scouts having greater confidence in their ability to complete their projects with a high degree of quality and efficiency.

Quality And Safety Are Paramount

We show the scouts that quality and safety work together. We don’t sacrifice quality by putting a high priority on safety. Rather, that focus on safety complements quality by ensuring the scouts use the right methods, tools, and safety equipment. Quality and safety lead to improved products, compliance with policies and regulations, and lower risk of injury.

Project Completed

We love to see the smiles when the projects are complete. We enjoy guiding and teaching the future leaders of our local community about perseverance, dedication, patience, and attention to detail. We see the satisfaction and gratification on their faces as they realize that they can start with a vision and bring that vision to fruition.

Lessons in Planning, Safety and Workflow

Troop 805 Learns Best Woodworking Practices From Windham Millwork